Development of a model wireless electronic beehive and statistical models for multimodal data processing to monitor the health of the hive population and its optimal utilization.

The aim of this research proposal is to reduce production costs and increase the robustness of the beehives of a beekeeping enterprise through the development of a prototype electronic hive that transmits wireless data directly to the producer's mobile phone/tablet. The proposal belongs to the category "Precision Agriculture" which is a priority area for the European Union and Greece.

The expected results of this project are mainly for the beekeepers, while having a wider impact on society and the environment. As far as the beekeeper is concerned, with the use of the product it is expected to be able to: Monitor his beehives from a distance (upcoming swarming, population density, occurrence of pests and diseases, hive weight, etc.). At the same time, he will be able to be aware of the conditions inside and outside the hive (temperature, humidity, etc.) and be aware of its location in case of theft.