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AREADECO with the help of Netmechanics acquired a dynamic Internet site, user-friendly and specially designed for the organized presentation of its products.
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AREADECO is a company specialized in professional and home furniture and is based in Heraklion,Crete. It offers a wide variety of products and suppliers.

The company needed an organized presentation and easy management. This opportunity was provided by Netmechanics, creating a website for the presentation of the company and its products.

By analyzing the needs of the company and its customers the following characteristics were given to the website:

  • Presentation, finding and classification of all the company's products.
  • Integrated content management system (CMS) with easy user management and dynamic creation of unlimited categories-subcategories.
  • View company’s Portfolio.
  • View contact details - address, phone, e-mail - and also the visitors of have the ability to instant messaging directly with the company through the contact form, which is available for each product.
  • Presentation of the exact location of the company through the interactive Google map.
  • Ablity to add products to favorites without mandatory registration and application for detailed information by completing a form and sending it to the company.
  • Use large images with high resolution. 


Through the above services offered by Netmechanics, AREADECO can now :

• promote and organize its products into a dynamic and user-friendly online environment.

• personalize the products’ information, depending on the user’s desires.

• facilitate the provided services and information of its customers.

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