Apothesis, T.E.I. of Crete's Institutional Repository

Keeping and displaying, in a uniform manner, the intellectual work produced by students at the TEI of Crete.


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The institutional repository of TEI CRETE hosts more than 7,000 documents and every year is enriched with new material. The management and processing of such large volumes of data was asked to upgrade by Netmechanics.

Using as basis DSpace, an online library software package that provides archiving functions, documents and metadata, as well as a comprehensive UI, we developed a new platform that provides flexibility and is compatible with several open standards for maintenance purposes.

The system interfaces with treasure terms and offers advanced search, personalization features, recommendations and cooperation in archiving. The registration of documents is carried out by the users via special shaped form where all the necessary checks are made, with direct effect the reduced bureaucracy. 

The documents are imported with metadata that conform to HEALMeta and TCDMeta formats, ensuring the connection with compatible systems of Greek educational institutions through the central portal of SEAB. Users can perform searches using simple terms, complex criteria and filters, or to navigate to the categories and the different facets of the contents.

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