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At e-selida.gr bookstore you will find everything you need from stationery to entertainment products, even gifts for your loved ones!

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The history of the e-selida.gr bookstore begins in the picturesque city of Rethymno with love for the most important pages of our lives.

E-selida.gr guarantees quality, speed and variety at affordable prices.

The people of e-selida.gr always make sure to update and constantly renew their variety of stationery and entertainment products.

Their goal is to guide customers to the best of their ability! That is why, after years of experience in their physical stores, they decided to join the world of e-Commerce, creating their new e-Shop in collaboration with Netmechanics.

Today, with the fast and modern NM STORE Lite, you can discover everything about the book world.

Here you will find everything you need to make your daily life easy, creative and colorful. The experts are available to guide you at any given moment!

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