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Paradise Island Villas with  Netmechanics alliance, has managed to strengthen its online presence and increase its traffic by acquiring an innovative and user-friendly web site.
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Paradise Island Villas is a 5-star boutique hotel located on Anissaras Hill, in the port of Hersonissos, in ​​Heraklion. It stands out for the luxury of its spaces and services as well as for its special Mediterranean architecture. Its owners wanted to bring these features to the internet in order to advertise, increase traffic and improve communication and information to their customers. So they turned to Netmechanics - which is distinguished for consistency - in order to create a web site with special features which are described below:  

  • Use the Netmechanics Web Site CMS, for easy management of categories and subcategories of content pages and photo albums in an easy-to-use and dynamic environment. Slideshows were used for the presentation of the photos which can be easily modified by the client using the CMS.
  • Site responsiveness. The visuals are adapted to smaller screens such as those of mobile phones or tablets so that the aesthetics of the site is not altered.

  • Innovative design and use of large high resolution photos.

  • Distinguished space for the presentation of hotel certifications and awards on the Home page of the web site.

  • Use of multilingual content. Versions of the site are available in English, French and German.

  • Ability to subscribe to Newsletter, to better inform customers about services and offers.

  • Special Contact Form, with the possibility of expressing interest for dates, desired services provided and choice of accommodation. The aim is to have the best customer service and information.

  • Ability to register User (User Login).

  • Connect with Social media so that the online presence of the company becomes more noticeable.

  • Providing advertising and promotion services in order to increase website traffic and increase bookings.

Through the services offered by Netmechanics, Paradise Island Villas can now:

  • promote its sites and services through a user-friendly but at the same time innovative and pioneering web site
  • advertise its services and offers in the world of internet as well as in social media
  • enable the expression of booking interest in a direct and simple way for greater convenience of customers.


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