NM Store Lite

NM Store Lite

Complete, Reliable & at the same time Economic solution!

DELIVERY: in 5 business days!


Initial installation cost: 580

Maintenance cost (including HOSTING): from 250€ --> 125€ / MONTH

* The above prices do NOT include VAT

Realizing the rapid growth of transactions through e-commerce, the necessary large investment in digital marketing but also the vertical increase of interest of many entrepreneurs to invest in online commerce, we created a new solution, NM STORE Lite.

NM STORE Lite is a Software as a Service (SaaS) service based on the high quality nmStore platform developed by Netmechanics LLC and trusted by hundreds of businesses due to its security, speed and scalability.

It is suggested to entrepreneurs who have believed in e-commerce and are either already investing or want to take their first steps in it. The pay-as-you-go pricing policy makes it the ideal choice for a small but fast growing business to cut costs and invest more money in digital marketing.

It provides all the necessary supplies of a reliable e-commerce platform, and in fact with lifelong technical support!

It allows you to focus on the vital processes that make your business stand out and grow in e-commerce (digital marketing, effective marketing, relationship building and customer support).

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During the pilot tests, two (2) hours of training are conducted on people you will suggest to us, and who will take on administration duties.

Basic functions

  • Simple and easy to use management environment
  • Easy and fast file upload (drag & drop) from your computer
  • Automatically upload images and documents of the application via CDN
  • Quickly find products through search filters and sorting options
  • Ability to define additional features per product (attributes)
  • SEO Meta Tags, Google Analytics, e-commerce Tracking
  • Rich content: embedded videos, photos, related products etc.
  • Newsletter for direct communication with your customers via email (MailChimp, Moosend)


Quick buy, Use of filters, Virtual Menu, Promotional banners

Order completion via

  • social media,
  • registration
  • as a guest

Ability to bill and ship to a different address.


  • Payments via bank, credit card, PayPal
  • Pay on delivery
  • Option of cash on delivery cost
  • Receipt from store
  • Free shipping for purchases above a certain amount
  • Selection of transportation costs per geographical area


In addition, it is possible to connect the eShop with ERP (Q-Zone). The Q-Zone is an innovative business interconnection solution. The full and two-way synchronization with the eShop, offers the ability to fully manage the product catalog from ERP. The product, orders and customers' management, will be happening in one place. Something that automates the maintenance and development of products and their features.


  • Shipping calculation based on weight
  • Cart Abandonment Module
  • Pop Up Builder
  • Search Suggestion Ending

Hosting & Maintenance (Cloud Hosting - Microsoft Azure)

Azure offers a high availability platform for website hosting in conjunction with caching and CDN services.

It also supports the creation of web applications with the most widespread technologies (C #, Java, PHP, Python, Node.js) and their provision as PaaS (Platform as a service) modules, through specially designed vms, for which Azure has their automatic management (OS update, load balancing, patching, etc.).

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