NM STORE Advanced

NM STORE Advanced

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In this option, the design of the visuals is implemented after the necessary UX-UI study, determined by the potential customers of the platform, the technologies and the general increase of the web requirements.

Choose the functionalities that suit your eShop from a multitude of options!

Guarantee of good operation

Netmechanics undertakes the obligation to correct any technical malfunction that occurs at the portal immediately after the final delivery of the pre-agreed project, without any charge to the customer  for a period of twenty-four (24) months.

System Maintenance

We provide full support services for the uninterrupted (24/7, 99% uptime) operation and availability of eShop content. Immediately after the completion of the project we provide pre-purchase packages of support hours for any further development and addition of additional functions in the eShop.

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