ERP Interconnection

ERP Interconnection

Achieving real-time interconnection always requires cooperation with the company providing the ERP system so that the interface is properly designed and implemented, stable under any conditions, unaffected by future upgrades and improvements, and synchronizes data of maximum importance 24/7.

In this way, the time spent on managing data entry in both systems is minimized, while profit is maximized and customer relationships are improved.

A two-way interface enables:

  • The ability to have an organized workflow process
  • Automation from ordering to invoicing, without human intervention
  • Automatic mass update from ERP to the eshop of prices, availability, photos etc.
  • Automatic update from the eshop to the ERP of customers, orders, etc.

Interconnection Certification

Every interconnection implemented for the NM STORE, is always certified by both companies after checks and continuous stability tests.

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