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Due to the continuous increase of online users and new ways of accessing the internet across different devices (smartphone, fablet, tablet, notebook , laptop) the purchasing power has changed and a sharp increase on online sales is presented worldwide.

At Netmechanics we develop awarded e-shops since 2008 by supporting new technologies, market trends and the easy expansion to international markets.

Our goal is the online brand awareness and the trust and devotion of the users aiming at the limitless increase of online sales 24/7


Success Stories

 Article: Cosmos uses Microsoft Azure and Office 365

"Right now we can help up to 60.000 unique visitors at our e-shops and everything works perfect..."

Source: Microsoft : https://www.microsoft.com/customer-success-stories/cosmos


Award: Distinction in e-Commerce for Markakis.gr

The best e-commerce practices and e-business were rewarded in Lighthouse 2016 e-evolution awards for the e-shop markakis.gr.

Source: www.e-volutionawards.gr/

E-shop accessible from everywhere, designed with custom themes!

We offer adequately designed e-shops that are accessible through all devices (responsive design), increasing the users' motives for online purchases. We create custom designed e-shops by following the best practices, so that the user has a unique, easy and quick browsing experience.

Online & Offline store - E-shop with ERP interconnection

We create Eshops with ERP interconnection in order to manage all your sales through 1 store. The eshop interconnection with the ERP has basic advantages like:

  • Automatic Import of products in 1 software (ERP) Οnline & offline
  • Eshop product management in one store
  • Complete control over product stock
  • Ability to apply individual or mass product discounts
  • Different pricing policies per case
  • Easy orders/payments management

During the eshop development we support the interconnection between the app and your ERP software or any other enterprise resource planning software in order to automate the procedures and manage your products stock easily and efficiently.

We guarantee 99.9% uptime. Our clients trust us because we are fast! We serve 24/7 with the best way!

We guarantee the best service for your online customers 24/7. The provision of all required information, their validity and the on time delivery of an online order are important factors for the qualitative customer service. The security of transactions on the eshops we build at Netmechanics and the seamless operation (cloud based hosting) offers the feeling of security and trust to the users.

Cloud hosting has no waiting time and the loading is instant. Browsing every page of the eshop is quick from any starting point. We guarantee 99.9% uptime with MICROSOFT Azure!

Customer loyalty and customer feedback effectiveness statistics for growing sales - Google Analytics

At Netmechanics we consider the online performance analysis of every company very significant. We know the steps of the sales process and we locate the actions and the intentions of the users that purchase.

We watch the users & sales flow in order to continuously increase the value of sale by giving customized (personalized) solutions for every company and every requirement. In addition, the possibility of collecting useful data for the improvement of the products and services of every company is being given through online reviews, questionnaires and pop-up evaluation services.

We increase the sales of your eshop! Eshop linking with Skroutz, bestprice, Amazon and E-Bay

We build properly designed eshops that are able to be connected with product display platforms that have large traffic (Skroutz.gr attracts over 2 million users). This connection results in awareness increase and sales from the first day of operation!

We build B2B or B2C eshops with sales value!

We support the development of B2B and B2C eshops and provide different pricing policies per client or client category.

Ability to promote the eshop with discount coupons, dynamic pages, social networks. Value for money!

When building eshops we aim at the usability of the user browsing by creating purchase and trust motives for each eshop. We provide conveniences and features like:

  • Easy and quick user registration
  • Social login (Facebook, Gmail)
  • Saved favorites list with the ability of social sharing
  • Dynamic offers and coupons discount
  • Quick and targeted user browsing with dynamic filters
  • Cross / up selling techniques with the display of related or recommended products.
  • Display of promotional best seller products and banners display on all pages.
  • Ability to create dynamic landing pages
  • 2-step checkout with different payment options

We guarantee that with all the above we WILL INCREASE significantly the value of every sale!

Promotion - Advertising & After sales

One of the basic requirement of the eshops we build is its adaptation to the search and its display on the search engines (seo friendly cms)

We implement case studies and digital marketing effectiveness scenarios for every eshop and each occasion. Opportunities are suggested so that the eshop can expand into new markets, quickly and efficiently

  • Social Media – Get Social (management , advertising, display on targeted Facebook audience, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Online Google AdWords Advertising – Direct Advertising (we increase istantly the traffic and brand awarereness )
  • Websites Promotion (SEO) - Google is No1 (eshop search engine optimization so that the eshop ranks on the first page of the search results)
  • Email Marketing - We keep our clients informed and satisfied.

At Netmechanics we enhance your brand name and claim the rank every eshop deserves on Google search results and the social media.

As an after sales policy, we never forget the customers that trusted us. We inform them through the social media and award his preference with discount coupons and offers.

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