We offer unique and complete B2C and B2B solutions for e-commerce, following strict project management techniques.

By knowing the needs of the market, we provide consulting services throughout the whole project, for the best possible results.

Our e-shops are technologically sound, functional and user-friendly, aiming to high standards of performance and results-oriented exposure in local and international markets.


We design highly functional and aesthetically unique websites, aiming for the correct conveyance of the corporate message to the target audience.

The results of our approach, following the latest visual and user interaction trends for optimum corporate exposure in the Internet, are a fresh, concise and results-oriented outcome for our customer.

Expandable, Easy to upgrade and to Operate, our dynamic websites protect the initial investment, offer unprecedented expandability and evolution.

mobile applications

Mobile and tablet applications are one of the most common ways to reach the Internet currently.

We design and develop fully functioning applications for all platforms, that will boost your brand value, and give you the competitive advantage you deserve.

digital marketing

We design the strategy that your company needs to follow in order to have the highest possible results from your marketing actions.

Our specialized personnel performs a study for your market, consumer online behavior and trends, and we provide you with a complete action plan for exposure, optimization and reporting.

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Google AdWords
Advertising through Google Adwords is a Pay Per Click (PPC) mechanism that offers optimum targeting to the correct audience, most likely to become a customer. The advertisements are shown as text ads on the top and on the side of Google’s search results page. They also appear as banners in specific websites, but also as video ads in Youtube.

We are constantly achieving exceptional results in Greece and abroad, enjoying the trust of numerous happy clients that saw their sales and brand recognition skyrocketing!

Social Media Management
Our experienced team can manage your brand presence in Social Media with great success, following contemporary communication practices.

We achieve higher engagement rates with immediate results for your brand.

We plan and execute a complete strategy for Social Media presence, expand your audience and promote your offerings through Social Media best practices.

SEO is the collective strategy and actions that bring a website in the first organic results of a search engine, like Google. SEO is comprised by two main categories of actions:

  1. On page optimization: Actions that are taking place on the website, like the introduction of specific targeted words and phrases in the contents, making it easier for Google to rank them.
  2. Off page optimization: Quality link building, namely the generation of links from other quality and highly valued websites to our own. This strategy brings superb results for our organic climbing to the first search results.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization is the method of using analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of your website. CRO can be used to improve any metric on your website that’s important to your business (purchases, cart & checkout abandonement, subscriptions, onsite click path & time on site/page etc).

In case a link is slow, a design is below par or there is no clear product presentation, then we analyze the optimum interventions that need to be performed and we proceed so that the whole experience is better leading to better results.

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