e-shop and connection with ERP

Netmechanics Ltd, with a team of highly educated and specialized technicians, provides the possibility to combine the power of ERP with your online business and create a truly integrated ecommerce system.

The nmCMS ecommerce has been developed to work with the majority of ERP softwares on the market. To achieve real time interconnection, it is always required the cooperation with the provider of your ERP system in order the connection to be designed and implemented properly, be stable under any circumstances, unaffected by any future upgrades and improvements and synchronize important data constantly 24/7. In this way the consumed time in data input management in the two systems is minimized, while the profit is maximized and the customer relations are improving.

A two-way interconnection provides:

  • an organized workflow
  • automated processes from ordering to invoice without human intervention
  • automated update of prices, availability, images etc, from the ERP system to the eshop
  • automated update of customers, orders, etc, from the eshop to the ERP

Each connection that is implemented for the nmCMS ecommerce is certified by both companies after tests and constant stability checks. Therefore, the solutions we provide are always reliable and in many cases innovative.

Apart from the common ERP systems, we are able to connect your eshop with any ERP and other specialized systems.

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