Proactive A.E.

Awarded farming production management

The solution for the support of quality certification, the farming production management and the control of the fertilisers usage was offered to 16.500 producers and 288.000 acres, via the new awarded app of Proactive e-farming by Netmechanics.

Microsoft products

  • Windows Azure
  • Windows Azure SQL Database + DataSync Service (PaaS)
  • Windows Azure Virtual Machines


  • Client-side coding
  • Enterpise solutions
  • Responsive design
  • Server-side coding


Proactive S.A.. - Business Consultants was founded in 2004 in Heraklio, Crete. Its an innovative company offering consulting services.

The services include services of business development, strategic development, innovative services for companies and organisations focus on the domain of nutrition, farming production and agricultural management.

The need

The company's directos addressed to Netmechanics in order to be able to solve the problem of bureaucracy required to produce and to facilitate its customer service. Also, in order to keep the quality of the products produced at a high level, there was a need for harmonization with the stringent requirements of international certification standards for the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The idea that Netmechanics was called upon to solve and implement, combined with the above, was for every farmer to have the ability to organize, control and manage his production quickly, easily and efficiently.

The need

The customer has trusted us to implement the electronic application with which the farmer can store information about himself, the geographical and topological features of the arable land, the use of fertilizers, etc. The fruit of the partnership was the implementation of the innovative Proactive e-farming software, which was awarded at the annual Business IT Excellence Awards (BITE) Awards 2015.

With the following services we have achieved a certain success:

  • Recording of producer data
  • Recording of arable land data (area, area, etc.)
  • History of fertilizer and pesticide use
  • Production of printed reports
  • Finding collaborating businesses

The benefits

Through the above services offered by Netmechanics, Proactive A.E. now has the ability to:

• To support the quality certification of 288,000 acres & 16,500 producers so far.

• Organize, control and manage efficiently the production process for the benefit of its customers.

• Manage the process of quality and food safety more quickly and effectively.

• Sensitize producers' awareness of the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

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