About us

We have been active in the field of informatics since 2008, creating projects, applying high technology knowledge!

We specialize


  1. In the design and construction of eCommerce systems (eShop) with installation on the constantly evolving platform NM STORE

  2. In the construction of online systems for vehicle reservations, on the NM CAR RENTAL platform

  3. Providing comprehensive Digital Marketing services by optimizing your internet investment

  4. In the creation of Enterprise applications, which fully cover the needs of organization, management and automation of a business

From 2017 we offer to the market SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions which are based on the already successful platforms NM STORE Lite (eShop) and NM CAR RENTAL Lite (Online Booking System).

Our vision

From the first day of operation of Netmechanics (2008) our vision remains the same.

The development and implementation of effective solutions, to customers, developing and implementing projects that require high technology.

At the same time, our vision is the continuous development of the quality of services and the knowledge of the human resources that make up the team and the departments of our company.

Why choose us

  • We provide high level services through the most advanced project management practices
  • Every project we are assigned carries the same value. Our sole purpose is the ultimate customer satisfaction.
  • We provide support with a special Support dpt capable of meeting all your requests!
  • Through continuous development of our knowledge, we remain at the top of the technological expertise
  • Having in our clientele a variety of purchases, we are able and realize the best practice that will ensure the customer success immediately!
  • For the benefit of our services quality provided at Netmechanics, we work with local and international companies

Lets start your project!