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Return Of Investment on your online presence

At Netmechanics we use all the softisticated tools of digital marketing in order for you to make a good impression and increase significantly your profits.

We make a difference!

We carefully study the buying public and market trends, and then we design the Digital Marketing Plan as we set our goals and the desired results.

Goal: Targeting the RIGHT audience at the RIGHT time

We present to the users what they search for at the right time and with the right way in order to increase awareness and sales of a company.

We seek a continuous Return Of Investment with immediate website traffic increase (AdWords, social media), sales value increase (remarketing campaigns, personalized ads) that lasts in time (Seo, newsletter campaigns) in order to boost the company's brand name (interactive ads, images, videos, YouTube videos).

The different advertising ways MUST keep up and PRECEDE today's technological progress

Go Social

Continuous social media evolution (Paid ads, Lookalike audiences, page like ads metrics, remarketing, brand awareness) Social Media Campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

Google SEM – Search engine marketing - Google number 1 search engine!

SEO: Optimization of a webpage so that it appears on the first search results of your possible customers. AdWords - Immediate website promotion by combining different techniques for attracting the right audience (traffic, brand awareness, remarketing, location, demographic, device type based campaigns)

Email Marketing - Newsletter campaigns

Development and managment of Newsletter campaigns in order to keep the users informed and pleased by showing them personalized offers.

Google Analytics – We increase the profit!

We measure results to estimate the return and the user behavior in order to create more effective ads at lower cost.


Different solutions for every company and every budget.

We design the right Digital marketing plan for an effectively efficient website, eshop or mobile app.

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