Netmechanics has created the website in order to share information and experience of 20 years in the area of house painting and decoration.
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Description provides ideal solutions for every area for the last 20 years either in Color & Decoration, or in Style techniques and even in Insulations.
We beautify the spaces of your home or business. Following all the developments in the profession field of painting, from new materials to the new styles, we give substantive suggestions and solutions for each case.  The company's philosophy, all these years, is based on 4 principles:

  • We provide high quality services without defects
  • We are consistent in delivery time of each project
  • We use quality materials
  • We deliver the space in excellent condition

In each project, we follow specific steps to ensure proper cooperation with our customers. We visit the site and we study together the needs and its capabilities. We inform you with a written quotation for the cost of any work that you choose, after the necessary measurements. At the same time, you are informed immediately for the start time and delivery of the project.

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