Refined food and quality products at the most affordable prices!

In the online store Fresh365 you will find the richest variety of the freshest grocery store and the most enriched grocery!
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The Garden of Eden has been close to us for years, offering everything with quality! A place full of rich flavors and quality products that is always next to the customer, serving every daily and different need!

Based on the technological development and the best customer service, the eShop was created so that it can come even closer to each customer and offer him at home easily and quickly whatever he needs.

At Fresh365 you can find:

  • The freshest grocery store from fruits, vegetables and even ready-made salads.
  • The highest quality foods from nuts, rice-legumes-spaghetti, nuts, dairy, fish-seafood, canned food, cold cuts, snacks, crackers, cheese, spices-herbs, etc.
  • Everything you need for your home such as kitchenware, dog food - cat food.
  • Stationery cleaning, washing clothes and dishes.

The team of Fresh365 continues to hold the emotional values ​​around a traditional grocery store, constantly creating a better way of service, so that every product comes directly and easily to the heart of every home!

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