A company that offers tourism services and is constantly seeking substantial upgrades has trusted the nmCar Rental platform for itself and its customers.
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NM Product

  • NM Car Rental Advanced

Microsoft products

  • Windows Azure


  • Client-side coding
  • Consulting Services
  • Hosting
  • Mobile first design


Another nmCar Rental (Advanced) system was delivered to Tracer, a company that has been active in the tourism industry for years, providing similar services.

The company aimed to completely upgrade the electronic presence of the service related to vehicle rental. Thus, Netmechanics was invited to create a Custom online booking system.

The system we delivered offers, among other things:

  1. Reservations 24/7, 365 per year
  2. Automated information and notification procedures for the customer via e-mail. e.g.: confirmation of the reservation, information on the status of the reservation, etc.,
  3. Multilingual content
  4. Unlimited number of cars
  5. Support for multiple payment methods of the order
  6. Automated daily back up, etc.
  7. Request procedure for Transfer


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